Inverter faults

Inverters are mostly reliable and should last for many years. However, any electronic device can malfunction and inverters do contain components such as electrolytic capacitors, varistors and relays that all wear out with age.

The most common fault we deal with is where the inverter has gone wrong. Sometimes they die completely, other times they report a fault. This can sometimes be an actual inverter fault, such as a failed relay, or it can be that the inverter has detected something wrong and has shut down for safety reasons.

Where there is still warranty left on the inverter, we will raise a claim with the inverter manufacturer and obtain and fit a replacement unit. The majority of inverters will have a five year warranty, although there are exceptions to this.

If the inverter is out of warranty, we will quote for a good quality replacement with a ten year warranty. There are also upgrade options available for a premium system with a twenty year warranty that will outlast your Feed in Tariff.

Inverter faults require two repair visits, one to diagnose the fault and then one to repair or replace the inverter.




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Your inverter model number and serial number can usually be found on a label on the side or underside of your inverter.