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Revolutionary new electricity tariff from Octopus Energy pays you to use electricity!

We're a fan of 100% renewable electricity which is why we buy our electricity from Octopus Energy. We're on the new Agile Octopus tariff. It's different from other tariffs in that the rate you pay changes half-hourly and the prices are set every day at 4pm for the following day. [...]


Power One E031 fault – here is our DIY guide

3kW inverters, Inverters, Solis inverters Solis 3.0kW 4G Dual MPPT Inverter 0 out of 5 £520.99 – £549.99 Select optionsQuick View 3kW inverters, Inverters, Solis inverters Solis 3.0kW Mini 4G Inverter (single MPPT) 0 out of 5 £445.99 – £461.99 Select optionsQuick View 4kW inverters, Inverters, Solis inverters Solis 3.6kW 4G Dual MPPT Inverter 0 out of 5 £529.99 – £559.99 Select optionsQuick [...]


Special offer – Top quality 4.72kW all black PV system with Samsung battery storage system just £9495

Q-Cells G1 ESS system with Samsung battery Q-Cells 295W all black mono panel This special offer is for a full 4.72kWp solar PV system using excellent Q-cells modules, combined with a Q-Cells G1 Energy Storage Solution (ESS) unit with a 3.6kW Samsung lithium ion battery. These are premium quality products installed with [...]


3.85kWp solar PV system £4500 fitted, includes full monitoring and 10 year warranty

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We offer a 3.85kWp solar PV system including online monitoring and a ten year warranty for just £4500 fitted. Valid for all orders placed before 31 January, regardless of the installation date. 14 x Canadian Solar polycrystalline solar panels GoodWe 3600S WiFi inverter with [...]


Solar panel removal

There are all sorts of reasons you may want your solar panels moved or removed: Building an extension which involves changes to the roof Loft conversions with dormers or roof windows Poorly fitted 'free' systems (although we can repair or tidy these up instead) In cases of having building work [...]


Slash your electricity bills with the new TIDE tariff from Green Energy UK – even WITHOUT solar panels!

TIDE Electricity Daily Fixed Charge 24.00p WEEKDAY 23:00 – 06:00 unit/kWh 4.99p 06:00 – 16:00 unit/kWh 11.99p 16:00 – 19:00 unit/kWh 24.99p 19:00 – 23:00 unit/kWh 11.99p WEEKEND 23:00 – 06:00 unit/kWh 4.99p 06:00 – 23:00 unit/kWh 11.99p Gas Daily Fixed Charge 25.00p Per unit/kWh 3.59p All prices include VAT The new TIDE electricity tariff from Green Energy UK could cut your electricity bill by hundreds of pounds. When you sign up for the TIDE tariff, Green Energy UK will arrange to fit a [...]

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