“Energy Watchdog” – yet another cold calling company

smarmy salesmanI answered a cold call this afternoon from a company calling themselves “Energy Watchdog”. Their number is 01244 470970. The caller asked if my solar panels were still generating and if I was receiving Feed in Tariff.

She went on to say that many installers have ceased trading and offered a “free no cost appointment for a health and voltage check” on my system.

I was interested to find out what they were trying to sell to me, so I accepted the offer of the appointment.

She then said that because the appointment was free, their company policy was that they had to see both myself and my wife. This is a common sales tactic to avoid the possibility of someone telling their salesman that they need to discuss things with the other half. When I queried this policy she appeared to get a bit flustered and didn’t know what to say. She wouldn’t set up an appointment without my wife involved so I didn’t get my “health and voltage check”.

I’m not sure where “Energy Watchdog” got my details from. They have chosen an official sounding name in order to gain credibility with their targets. They’re phoning people out of the blue trying to scaremonger them into accepting their appointment with the suggestion that their installer has ceased trading, as if that has anything to do with anything.

Had I managed to get the appointment, their sales representative would have tested the mains voltage in my home. It is a little high here so he would then more than likely have offered me a voltage optimisation device that on their website is called “PV35 PV Protect and Boost”. Their website claims up to 25% more yields can be had using that gadget. It is supposed to prevent solar inverters shutting down due to high a.c. voltages.

However, if the mains voltage to my house was too high I would simply call my local Distribution Network Operator (in my case Electricity Northwest) who would send a real engineer out to confirm the high voltage, then would arrange for the voltage to be altered at the substation. No overpriced gadget needed.

The moral of this tale is don’t trust cold callers… honest businesses don’t need to get their customers that way.

You can listen to the phone call below. Apologies for the sound quality, I was using the hands-free system in my van while I was doing an honest day’s work!