“New Age Innovation” – my latest cold call

You can probably imagine my surprise when I received a call from Kylie at New Age today informing me that the company that installed my solar panels is no longer trading.

Listen to Kylie’s surprise when I told her I AM that company!

Unfortunately there are a few national companies making cold calls to owners of solar PV systems to tell them lies like this. Kylie was the first step in a ploy to set me up with a home visit whereupon they would tell me that there are all sorts of things wrong with my solar panels. Funnily enough, they work just fine.

Update 1 August 2018

I was called out to an installation this morning by a concerned PV system owner. He had received a similar call from New Age Innovation, and had also been told that his original installer had ceased trading. They haven’t, although they don’t do solar PV any more and now refer all enquiries to us.

They arranged to send a representative of their company who, after a quick look at the customer’s inverter (and with no test equipment), declared that several of the solar panels are faulty and that he needs to have the system upgraded to include SolarEdge optimisers and inverter. Their quoted price for this was £5100 but due to a ‘special offer’ they could do it for £3600.

The worried customer contacted the original installer who referred him to us. I told him he was probably being conned but he wanted me to attend to test his system for his peace of mind.

My tests confirmed that his system was working absolutely fine and that there was no reason for concern.

His system suffers no shading and therefore an upgrade to include optimisers would not provide any significant increase to his yields. (Note: If he did want to have SolarEdge added then a reasonable price for his ten-panel system would have been closer to £2500).

My advice to this customer was to leave his system as it is, and to simply replace the inverter when it eventually fails, which will probably be several years from now. I also advised him to be wary of any company that gets their business from cold calls. Their website mentions “family business ethics” but these people clearly know nothing of such things.

Please note that I am not decrying SolarEdge’s products but I am aware that the benefits are being massively overstated by the salespeople representing some unscrupulous national companies. I and others have made SolarEdge aware that their products are being mis-sold in this way but unfortunately this is still going on.

You can read more about SolarEdge mis-selling in my blog page here: Beware the villians mis-selling SolarEdge upgrades!

3 Responses to “New Age Innovation” – my latest cold call

  1. Geof Rayner says:

    I responded to a cold call from Kylie saying that they would run a free ‘test’ on my system – which was experiencing error codes. Two guys turned up and looked at it. Strangly not a screwdriver or circuit tester between them. Basically they were salesmen, the first of whom lavished me with flattery, the second who appealed to a sense of greed – saying how their revisions to my system would pay for itself – albeit only £4,500 for inverters and stuff. (I have two.) They went on about shade but there is no shade whatsoever on my system.

    To top it all they said I would get a discount fo £1000 as a trade in on my existing inverter. I might add that the cost of all of this was almost the cost of my total system.

    Two words came to my mind: ‘avoid’ and ‘plague’. As I raised issues of costs and asked for a spreadsheet of the likelty

  2. Martin tucker says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve just been called, never had a problem and on checking, my inverter is one of the best around so I’ll be calling this company back to cancel and await a problem, Not Book One!

  3. Sandy Jones says:

    This company has pestered us with unwanted cold calls for a few months now. I’ve asked them each time not to call again, made it clear i’m not going to be doing any business with them, and as such told them to remove our details from their system.. My wife spoke to them in January and asked them also.
    Absolute pests.

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