Single String DC Isolator



If your d.c. isolator has burned out, or if your installer fitted an a.c. isolator in the d.c. wiring, then we offer excellent quality replacement isolators from Kraus & Naimer.

  • Rated 25A at 450V, 11A at 920V
  • Switch – Disconnectors, 2 pole – for single string
  • IP66/67 Protection
  • Black/Grey Padlockable Handle – lockable in the OFF-position
  • Class II compliant, Grey Insulated Enclosure
  • Switch Interlocked with lid to prevent opening in “ON” position
  • Rated for use in ambient temperatures of 50°C
  • Plastic enclosures, protection IP66/67, totally insulated, knock-outs
  • Black handle, grey plate packing
  • Contact development: 2 pole, 4 contacts per circuit (2 x 2 in series)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 85mm x 160mm X 82mm



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