Solis Data Logging Stick (highly recommended)

Solis Data Logging Stick (highly recommended)

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"Do I need an integrated d.c. isolator?"

If your system has separate d.c. isolators then you don't need an inverter with one built-in. D.C. isolators are switches that usually have a black rotary handle on them and are connected in the cables from the solar panels.

"Do these prices include VAT?"
All our prices are fully inclusive of VAT.

"How much is delivery?"
Delivery is included too. For Scottish Highlands and non-mainland, supplements apply which will automatically update during checkout.

"Are there any extended warranties available?"
Yes, inverter warranties can be extended and this will be offered to you during checkout.

"What about monitoring?"
All our inverters have low cost monitoring solutions which will be offered during checkout. All PV systems should include monitoring to avoid lost FIT revenue in the event of a fault.

"Can I really fit my own inverter?"
It's a straightforward task for a competent DIYer. Click here for our guide.

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Note: This product is only available for sale alongside a new Solis inverter from us.

The Solis data logging stick is a very clever, simple, external plug-in device which plugs into any of the Solis inverter range.

The unit provides a simple to install monitoring solution for end customers with access to web, iPhone and Android app monitoring.

In addition, in the event of a detected fault, the system will email the end user for minimal downtime.

The unit provides a user friendly, easily accessible solution to inverter monitoring.

If you’re able to get a network cable to the inverter or use a pair of Powerline adaptors then please choose the ‘Wired ethernet’ version of the stick for the most robust connection. Alternatively, please check the wireless coverage at the inverter location and if OK, choose the ‘Wi-Fi’ version. You can also use a Wi-Fi range extender with the Wi-Fi version.


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Wi-Fi (2G only), Wired ethernet


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