Fronius inverters

Fronius commenced operation in 1945 as a family business in Austria, producing welding transmitters and battery chargers. Since then, they have grown into a global enterprise. In 1995, they added solar inverters to their suite of premium products. Fronius inverters are warrantied for a minimum of five years, but can be up to twenty years depending on the original installer.

The Fronius range includes the following models (the first two are no longer produced but many are still in service):

  • Fronius IG
  • Fronius IG Plus
  • Fronius Galvo
  • Fronius Primo
  • Fronius Symo

Our experience of Fronius is that they produce exceptionally reliable inverters. We rarely see a faulty Fronius inverter. In the unlikely event of a fault, contact us for assistance.

Fault codes

State 104, 302 or 443 – these codes may indicate a faulty circuit board

State 4657 or 461 – these codes may be resolved with a simple software update

Other codes or even a blank screen are also possible.

Solar PV repair enquiry form

For repairs to your solar PV system, please call us on 01772 311016 or complete this form and we will contact you. The more information you give us, the quicker we can help with your enquiry. UK enquiries only please!
Please note that we are a small company and can only offer a call out service within a reasonable travelling time from Chorley, Lancashire. We can send spare parts and replacement inverters via courier anywhere within the UK.
e.g. Are there any fault codes on the inverter screen? Any unusual noises or smells?
If your inverter is at fault then we will definitely need to know what panels are connected to it. Many companies installed a poor choice of inverter the first time round. If we know what your panels are then we can get you the right one.
Your inverter model number and serial number can usually be found on a label on the side or underside of your inverter.
If it's around 5 years, is it over or under? This is important as most inverter warranties are 5 years.
Why do we ask this? Certain companies made consistently the same mistakes/short cuts with their installations.
A picture speaks a thousand words! If you have any photos or other documents that can help us understand your installation then please upload them here. Particularly useful are photos of the inverter model number sticker, the connections into the inverter and an overall picture of the inverter area showing all isolators etc.