Power One Inverter E031 fault

Power One E031 fault

Model number, serial number and week code are on this label on the right side of the inverter

If your Power One (or ABB) inverter is displaying the message “Error! Int.Error E031” as shown in the first photograph, then it has suffered an internal error due to a hardware failure.

Before you contact us, you need to find out if the inverter is still under warranty. These inverters were sent out from the factory with a five year warranty but certain installation companies extended the warranty to ten years.

Your inverter warranty is not the same thing as your installation warranty, therefore you should always phone ABB to query your warranty even if your original installer has ceased trading.

Inverters that may be within their warranty period – call ABB, not us!

If your inverter is still within warranty, or if you aren’t sure, then please phone the manufacturer first on 01903 823323. They will require the serial number and week code, which is printed on a label on the right hand side of the inverter (as in the second photograph).

If the inverter is within its warranty period then the manufacturer will arrange for their agent to repair or replace the inverter free of charge.

Inverters out of warranty – we can help


A great replacement for the PVI-3.0OUTD is a Solis 3.0, or if you don’t require a dual MPPT model the Solis 3.0 mini. To replace a PVI-3.6OUTD we recommend a Solis 3.6 for dual MPPT, or Solis 3.6 mini for single MPPT applications. All of these are available in our online shop – click here to view them.

Call us if you’re unsure which inverter you require.

We can supply our Solis range of inverters with a ten year warranty for your peace of mind, simply add the warranty during checkout. We also have great value inverters from Growatt and GoodWe.

Note: Power-One were acquired in 2013 by ABB. Inverters purchased in 2013 or later may be branded Power-One or ABB. The models are the same and warranties unaffected.