Sunamp heat battery

Sunamp PV

Sunamp PV

Immersion heater controllers have been very popular with owners of solar PV systems as they allow the user to maximise their energy savings. However, they have been restricted to those who have a hot water cylinder. This excluded the many millions of UK properties that have combi boilers. Until now…

Sunamp PV is a revolutionary thermal storage device that can be installed alongside a combi boiler. Used in conjunction with an immersion controller, it heats up using the surplus electricity from the solar panels and then provides instant hot water on demand.

Sunamp PV is small enough to fit in the smallest of places, even a kitchen cupboard. Operating in conjunction with a 4kW solar PV array, the savings in heating can be up to £300 per year.

We offer a full supply and installation service for the Sunamp PV.

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