Lyndon Turner
12:59 01 Nov 18
Recently had a PV system and Tesla battery installed, Red Electrical has done an amazing job, if you are looking for solar, look no further than red electrical I would recommend them to anyone. Cheers Stuart regards Lyndon
Mal Fry
19:19 19 Oct 18
Stuart has recently offered some very insightful information regarding what to look out for when installing a Solar system. His advice has helped me to become better informed and he offered this assistance to me without any obligation. I do not live within the area that he operates so he will not benefit from giving me advice, but kindly offered it anyway. I would like to say a big thank you for your time and advice.
Dennis Jackson
10:48 17 Oct 18
Excellent service. 22 Solar panel installation in one day. Very pleased with the service, highly recommended. A very professional service with detailed quotation. Stuart takes you through quote and describes all options available and any extended guarantees. Most importantly the installation come with an Insurance backed guarantee for the installation.
Anne Gott
14:32 29 Sep 18
Stuart came, quoted and installed within the tight time-frame we were hoping for due to the falling feed-in tariff's. His team were very fast and efficient on installation day and cleaned and tidied up afterwards. All systems "go" except for a failed inverter after a couple of weeks, diagnosed a manufacturing fault, and quickly replaced by Stuart. Very satisfied with the work and happy we now have hot water heated by the sunshine as well as doing our "bit" for the environment and obtaining a reduction in Direct Debit to the electricity company of nearly £30.00 per month!
Quiet Ken
22:07 26 Sep 18
Website description and vids on replacing inverter were clear(mostly) and reassuring. Telephone enquiry was similarly helpful. I could have got the inverter for a bit less but thought the service above was well worth the extra so ordered. Now fitted and running .Thanks.
Philip Thompson
17:01 21 Aug 18
Absolutely delighted with the service I received. This is a guy who knows his profession.Good advice. Really pleased
Richard Govan
16:37 05 Jul 18
After a visit from a Specialist Installer I contacted Stuart whose simple and informative information saved spending £4000 pounds. 18months later our Aurora inverter failed and I contacted him again and he organised a new inverter which arrived in less than 24hrs. Quote from him 'It is easy to install just follow the instructions'. After further consultation with some technical questions (Stuart must have doubted my common sense) inverter installed and working perfectly. Red Electrical deserve every plaudit for helpful and considerate help. Many Thanks for your help and assistance. Have already recommended you to others.
Andi Philp
17:18 02 Jul 18
Diagnosed poorly matched system over the phone and suggested an improvement of a dual inverter to replace 2 separate ones. Yield has improved as promised. Thank you!
Mark Holdstock
08:08 12 Jun 18
More than three years ago a friend, who is an environmental consultant, told us that our roof was south facing and therefore was ideal for solar panels. When building work was planned, to adapt and extend the house, we decided this was an opportunity to install solar panels and a battery to store any excess electricity which was in excess to the power being used by the house during the day. Red Electrical was recommended during a chance conversation, and we decided to go with them. Throughout the installation of both the panels and the Tesla Powerwall battery we have been highly impressed with Stuart’s knowledge of the installation process and his ability to deal with any arising issues (which were minimal in number). Both the panels and the Powerwall worked from the very beginning and thanks to the apps it was obvious from the very beginning that the panels and the Powerwall were making a difference (in the summer a big difference) in terms of a reduction in the amount of electricity we buy from the National Grid. The monthly figure for June 2018 is that we are generating 88% of the electricity we are using. Having a Tesla Powerwall battery means that the house is solar powered even in the middle of the night. Having Stuart operating as a tradesman rather than a salesman, really does make a difference, as he understands the full picture of the way that the technology works, which is vital if an installation such as this is to work. All in all dealing with Red Electrical has been a very satisfying experience.
Simon Edwards
10:03 25 May 18
Helped me out with a solar inverter fault. Excellent service and good technical advice. New inverter was easy to fit and now back up and running.
paul foster
18:16 24 May 18
Excellent service and value for money. Quick diagnosis of the fault, and part changed with minimum fuss.
James Harvey
16:25 04 Apr 18
After my Aurora Power One inverter failed 3 months out of warranty, with no interest from my original supplier in any form of goodwill, I contacted RED Electrical to see if there were any repair options. Stuart confirmed my fear that the error was fatal and recommended the Solis 4G unit as a great low cost unit that's a simple DIY install. The inverter arrived next day and is indeed a simple install being almost plug and play. If you can install a 3 pin plug, you can replace a failed inverter with one of these. I saved 2/3rd's of the price that my original installer wanted to fix the issue - great service, very happy 🙂
Andrew D'Alton
23:51 03 Apr 18
Very glad to have found this company. Spoke on the phone and was told it could be a number of things causing the problem. Stuart gave me a few things to try that might fix the problem before he came out. Didn’t work though and a site visit was needed.As suspected a new inverter was needed the cost of replacement was slightly less than I expected and the work was completed quickly.Very happy and certainly recommend this company.
brian Woodward
13:03 30 Oct 17
Following a fault on my solar system I phoned Red For assistance on Friday. Stuart attended the following Monday at 09-30 and following a quick diagnosis he found the fault to be no more than a tripped circuit breaker. He recommended replacing it with one which he considered to be more suitable for my system. Following fitting, the system sprang into life instantly much to my relief!My main concern was not to be ripped-off by a cowboy who did not know his job as the opportunity was there! I need not have worried: Stuart was honest, polite, expert, speedy and efficient and I cannot recommend him more highly.Engage him and you will have peace of mind!
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