Richard Govan
16:37 05 Jul 18
After a visit from a Specialist Installer I contacted Stuart whose simple and informative information saved spending £4000 pounds. 18months later our Aurora inverter failed and I contacted him again and he organised a new inverter which arrived in less than 24hrs. Quote from him 'It is easy to install just follow the instructions'. After further consultation with some technical questions (Stuart must have doubted my common sense) inverter installed and working perfectly. Red Electrical deserve every plaudit for helpful and considerate help. Many Thanks for your help and assistance. Have already recommended you to others.
Andi Philp
17:18 02 Jul 18
Diagnosed poorly matched system over the phone and suggested an improvement of a dual inverter to replace 2 separate ones. Yield has improved as promised. Thank you!
Mark Holdstock
08:08 12 Jun 18
More than three years ago a friend, who is an environmental consultant, told us that our roof was south facing and therefore was ideal for solar panels. When building work was planned, to adapt and extend the house, we decided this was an opportunity to install solar panels and a battery to store any excess electricity which was in excess to the power being used by the house during the day. Red Electrical was recommended during a chance conversation, and we decided to go with them. Throughout the installation of both the panels and the Tesla Powerwall battery we have been highly impressed with Stuart’s knowledge of the installation process and his ability to deal with any arising issues (which were minimal in number). Both the panels and the Powerwall worked from the very beginning and thanks to the apps it was obvious from the very beginning that the panels and the Powerwall were making a difference (in the summer a big difference) in terms of a reduction in the amount of electricity we buy from the National Grid. The monthly figure for June 2018 is that we are generating 88% of the electricity we are using. Having a Tesla Powerwall battery means that the house is solar powered even in the middle of the night. Having Stuart operating as a tradesman rather than a salesman, really does make a difference, as he understands the full picture of the way that the technology works, which is vital if an installation such as this is to work. All in all dealing with Red Electrical has been a very satisfying experience.
Simon Edwards
10:03 25 May 18
Helped me out with a solar inverter fault. Excellent service and good technical advice. New inverter was easy to fit and now back up and running.
paul foster
18:16 24 May 18
Excellent service and value for money. Quick diagnosis of the fault, and part changed with minimum fuss.
James Harvey
16:25 04 Apr 18
After my Aurora Power One inverter failed 3 months out of warranty, with no interest from my original supplier in any form of goodwill, I contacted RED Electrical to see if there were any repair options. Stuart confirmed my fear that the error was fatal and recommended the Solis 4G unit as a great low cost unit that's a simple DIY install. The inverter arrived next day and is indeed a simple install being almost plug and play. If you can install a 3 pin plug, you can replace a failed inverter with one of these. I saved 2/3rd's of the price that my original installer wanted to fix the issue - great service, very happy 🙂
Andrew D'Alton
23:51 03 Apr 18
Very glad to have found this company. Spoke on the phone and was told it could be a number of things causing the problem. Stuart gave me a few things to try that might fix the problem before he came out. Didn’t work though and a site visit was needed.As suspected a new inverter was needed the cost of replacement was slightly less than I expected and the work was completed quickly.Very happy and certainly recommend this company.
brian Woodward
13:03 30 Oct 17
Following a fault on my solar system I phoned Red For assistance on Friday. Stuart attended the following Monday at 09-30 and following a quick diagnosis he found the fault to be no more than a tripped circuit breaker. He recommended replacing it with one which he considered to be more suitable for my system. Following fitting, the system sprang into life instantly much to my relief!My main concern was not to be ripped-off by a cowboy who did not know his job as the opportunity was there! I need not have worried: Stuart was honest, polite, expert, speedy and efficient and I cannot recommend him more highly.Engage him and you will have peace of mind!
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38 Responses to Testimonials

  1. steve bullock says:

    A fantastic service from start to finish. I would strongly recommend RED to any of my friends and colleagues.A true, honest service with no fuss. Many thanks Stuart.

  2. Bill Fildes says:

    Fast and efficient service. Great advice. Didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. Would definitely use again. Highly recommended.

  3. Keith Harding Chester. says:

    My Aurora Power-One must have passed away some time ago (Int; Error Eo31) & with being fitted in the loft I had not noticed till a FIT reading was required, I chose Redelectrical after looking over there web page & I e-mailed Stuart over the B/holiday thinking there will be no reply for a couple of days but had an almost instance reply, I was prepared for the worst IE; new Inverter, fitting cost ETc; as it was out of the Std; 5 year warranty (fitted 2011) Stuart’s expert advise/info to contact the company ABB Solar gave me a some hope, I made one call Tuesday morning & within minutes was told the company that fitted the system had taken out extended warranty (big sigh’s of relief) New inverter being fitted in 2 weeks.
    Many thanks to Stuart will certainly recommend.

  4. Brian Laxton says:

    Excellent and prompt service from Red Electrical. New inverter delivered(220 miles) and back in service within 24 hours.
    Highly recommended.

  5. Chris & Guy says:

    After having had a number of quotes from the usual suspects we had Stuart recommended to us. Completely different experience: no question too detailed or too stupid, no sales pitch, just great engineering knowledge and experience. We have had the in-roof panels for a couple of months now which are much better aesthetically than the surface mounted ones which was important to us. We are getting better than predicted output, and when we had a problem with the inverter, Stuart replaced it promptly. The job was done safely and professionally and everywhere was left tidy, and the whole team were a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart / RED Electrical.

  6. Mr Pearson says:

    I would highly recommend the Red Electrical team, very professional. They were recommended to us by a neighbour who had similar success with the team. We had our system fitted last autumn and we are very happy with our solar installation. A very quick, tidy and painless process, very clear instructions at each step of the way, excellent advice on the best system for our situation, no hard sell just straight forward specific guidance, efficiently carried out with no fuss, couldn’t be happier.

  7. MR H.P says:

    I came across Red electrical through a recommendation from a neighbour. There was no heavy sales pitch, just a straight forward discussion where everything was made crystal clear to me.Mr Reid was very professional throughout , providing me with assistance with all the paperwork required and did not even want a brew!

  8. Paul Eastwood says:

    My wife tells me I’m a pain when it comes to workmen doing jobs for us as I’m a perfectionist but with Stuart from Red Electrical, as soon I met him and he talked me through the options and plans etc. I knew I didn’t need to bother getting any other quotes as he was so professional and clear and there was no sales buff just a clear price for the work I wanted. The panels were fitted the 2nd and 3rd of November 2015 and everything is working great. Stuart and his team from Red Electrical have done a fantastic job. We were concerned about the aesthetics but Stuarts recommended fitting the in-roof mounting system and I’ve got to say the in-roof mounting really blends the panels into the roof and look great when compared to other installations I have seen. The attention to detail by Red Electrical is fantastic, for example they put white tubing around the power cable from the panels to the distribution board to match the white rendering on the top half of the house, they didn’t have to but they did. As an added bonus the SolarEdge monitoring system is great, I don’t need any excel spreadsheet to tell me how much energy I generated or how much the panels are making with the FIT it’s all there on a web page for the panels fitted to my roof. If you are thinking of having Solar Panels fitted then Red Electrical are the team you need to contact. Once again Stuart and team – Thank You.

  9. Jim & Pat Belshaw says:

    Stuart and his team carried out the installation of a 5 Kw 21 panel array for us in September this year. After having quotes from five other companies we decided to have a look at some local companies and decided to get a quote from Red Electrical.
    The advice given was straight forward with no pushy sales talk,the price was very competitive and the work was carried out promptly and professionally.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to have Red Electrical back to carry out any work for me again.

  10. Cahal says:

    I have had solar panels on my home for 3yrs, however although having used the same contractor for two of my childrens’homes, I have been unable to get replies from him over follow up queries. I have just purchased a 3.71Kw system from Stuart of Red Electrical and have been impressed from surveying his website to the completion of the job. I have also purchased a monitor for my own system from Stuart as my original system did not have one. I have had a solar thermal hot water system for over 25yrs and as my hot water was not getting above hand hot, I had been switching my immersion heater on for short periods when my photovoltaic system was pushing out over 3kw, very inconvenient!! I have taken the opportunity through Stuart to add a solar i boost. This clever bit of kit is wired between your immersion heater plug and the heater itself and on receiving a signal from a sensor around your export cable on your meter will divert any unused electricity to your immmersion heater. I could not believe the amount of very hot water I was getting, I kept checking my electric consumption thinking that the immersion was on all the time, but no it was all from electricity that I would have been exporting to the grid and this in the last third of October. If you are getting photovoltaic panels and still have your hot water cylinder this bit of kit is a no brainer. I can thoroughly recommend Red electrical.

  11. Excellent service from a very knowledgeable and dedicated young man

  12. After reading many reviews about RED I felt that this Solar Panel Installation Company were too good to be true.
    I investigated the results of their solar panel installations at several properties. It was clear that the panels were installed correctly. The owners were happy to show me the inside of the roof from the attic/loft and and allowed me access to the outside of the roof where I could do a closer examination. The results showed that the fitted panels were more than meets the requirements of installation regulations.
    I contacted RED using email and telephone because my dad was thinking of having a Solar Panel Installation. The email I recieved was extremely accurate and clear. The telephone conversation was also clear in that the person I spoke with was very pleasant and answered all my questions.
    According to my dad the surveyer / structural engineer (Stuart Reid) was punctual, meticulous, accurate and most importantly honest. He exlained everything in a simple and clear way without jargon or sales talk about how much money you can save. Dad said that he was impressed with the way that all documents, guarantees and excellent after sales commitment were explained. Full marks for everything.
    I recommend RED to anyone who is thinking of having a Solar Panel Installation. Robert Cowell 25 08 2015.

  13. Mike & Kathryn Grannell says:

    Stuart provided several estimates for different Solar PV systems and carefully explained all the features of the scheme. He arrived punctually on the installation date and completed the installation of a 3.42 Kw on-roof system within 2 days. It is working fine and we are very pleased with the results.

  14. Peter Higginson says:

    3.98Kw PV system installed June 2015, with an in-roof mounting system. RED Electrical provided the best information, the best technical solution, and the best installation design of the several quotes I had, and it was also the least expensive. The actual installation was carried out to plan, despite the weather’s attempts to disrupt it, and followed up with a comprehensive information pack. I would have every confidence in recommending RED Electrical if you are looking for a company to install PV panels.

  15. Alan Wells says:

    We had Stuart round a few years ago for a quote for solar to the house we currently live in, he spent a long time explaining all about the solar panels and was obviously very knowledgable and was able to answer all our questions.
    After doing a full servey he explained that due to a 8 inch chimney pipe casting a shadow which would affect the solar panels he advised us that the roof was not suitable for a solar installation.
    This led to us deciding not to go the solar route, fast forward a few years and we bought a old house in Appleby Cumbria that required full renovation, as the roof needed to be stripped and relayed we decided to put solar on, contacted Stuart who did a search on the internet for the post code and roof orientation and thought this would be suitable for a solar system, came did a full servey gave us a quote that was very good and explained due to the roof being stripped he would recommend that the panels should be fitted then slated round, this would give them a lower profile this has produced a much neater finish (and saved us having to buy extra slates to replace the damaged ones!)so it was a win win.
    So to finish if you are after solar I would recommend Stuart and his team, so thanks once again.


    We first met Stuart when he came to assess the property and were impressed with his depth of knowledge and his friendliness. Both Stuart and Steve were very efficient, neat and tidy workmen, always closing the front door when going in and out, which is a rarity! When you asked Stuart any questions he did not make you feel daft or uncomfortable. When they had finished, Stuart explained all that was going to happen in the coming weeks but said he would confirm by email all the details and he did, he made everything so easy. The amount of paperwork resembled a small novel which looked very daunting but Stuart had filled in some parts then left it with us to read through and then sign it, very thoughtful of him. Bob was at work when they finished their work,so had a few questions and emailed Stuart and got a quick reply which explained all to him. A couple of weeks after completion of work we received all our personalised information, not a pile of papers but in a beautifully presented booklet. Thank you. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Red Electrical to anybody and everybody.

  17. Joe says:

    Stuart’s professional approach sets him apart, and we shopped around. No hard sell, no pitch, just straight up honest advice. He even had the decency to point us away from work that would not benefit us. Treated our house with respect and did a quality job at short notice. No complaints whatsoever and would recommend him to anyone. A class act!

  18. Steven_allcock says:

    Just a quick bit of feedback regarding Stuart of Red Electrical.
    Very impressive service from quote to completion. Stuart fitted a 4 kW ground mounted installation for us. Installation was quick and hassle free and in the first year it has over performed on estimates. Only problem has been with a faulty solar iboost unit which Stuart replaced the same day I advised of the fault. Very impressive service, comprehensive product knowledge and a nice bloke. Thanks very much.

  19. Mr Hardy says:

    I would recommend RED Electrical, recently installed (September 2014) a 3.98Kw system over an East/West roof orientation. They made sure the roof was ok prior to the install (repairs undertaken to the ridge ensuring the maintenance free longevity of the installation). Professionally qualified, unbiased recommendations, quick, clean and polite.
    I have already had the system enhanced with a RED Electrical installed Solar iBoost maximising the use of solar generation, and will be having Stuart back for further electrical work.

    I too have no hesitation in recommending Red Electrical and would gladly use my installation as a reference site.

  20. Robin Ellis says:

    I strongly recommend Stuart if you are considering installing solar panels. He responded quickly to my initial enquiry, gave a me a competitive quotation, was able to answer my questions and alerted me to obtain an Energy Proficiency Certificate before signing a contract with any supplier (my house is old and it was close to not qualifying for the Feed in Tariff). The work was completely efficiently with little fuss and no mess. My system didn’t work initially which was due to a faulty circuit breaker which he replaced promptly. He completed the paperwork for me and when I forgot to sign it in the relevant places, he sent me all the information I needed to complete it again. I was impressed by his honesty and integrity.

  21. Steffi says:

    We’ve been impressed by Stuart from the start, when he answered our request for a quote promptly and went on to send a very comprehensive, and competitive, quote, outlining all the information we would need to make an informed decision. His survey was thorough and it was clear that he had the expertise to answer all our questions there and then. It’s not just because Stuart’s quote was the most competitive of the 3 that we sought, more that Stuart seemed to be the best man for the job, even though it was a small one – just 5 panels and a 1.4kw system, but worth it for us. There was no pressure from Stuart and he was careful to explain that we would never be able to generate a great deal of power.
    The work was done in less than a day, and it was efficiently done by Stuart and his colleague – there was no mess, and no problems since (touch wood, it’s only been a week). Stuart did all the paperwork for us, explaining everything that he was doing, and arranged for the EPC too, so it’s been a doddle for us.
    It’s great to see the green ‘thumbs-up’ symbol on the monitor and to know we’re generating our own electricity, and even more enjoyable to see the meter wheel going backwards!
    We are more than happy to recommend RED Electrical to anyone who is thinking of having Solar PV panels put in.

  22. kingdaddio says:

    I was in a fix. My solar panels that had been installed less than three years previously had developed a fault and the firm that had installed them had ceased trading and didn’t want to know in spite of the comprehensive guarantees, accreditations and warranties given at the time.
    I contacted RED and explained the situation. Stuart visited a few days later and quickly diagnosed a faulty inverter. He contacted the manufacturer (SMA) and organised a replacement under warranty. Three days later he returned and installed the replacement inverter. I decided to purchase a remote monitoring system from RED, the price was cheaper than I could buy it from Amazon and Stuart installed and tested it for free. It was when Stuart was testing the device that he noticed the original electrical installation was incorrect and that the generated electricity was bypassing my home and being exported directly without me getting any of the ‘free’ electricity for the past three summers. Again, Stuart made the correction without charge.
    Stuart has been readily available by phone and email and gives honest reliable advice – such a difference to my original installer who is still trading under a different name and has washed his hands of me.
    I strongly recommend RED Electrical.

  23. Mr B Maginn says:

    Can’t recommend Stuart highly enough. Excellent work, explained fully and system working beautifully.

  24. Mrs J Campbell says:

    Stuart installed my solar panels, and did a fantastic job. Cleaned up, and explained everything to me in easy lingo. I have found the panels to give a very good return. Would highly recommend Stuart and his team.

  25. hallms says:

    I asked Red for advice on solar panels. I was disappointed in the advice that I was not advised to install PV because of the nature of my slate roof. However, I was so impressed that Stuart was turning work away because it was not in my interest to go ahead. He gave what I feel was an honest professional assessment and helped me understand a lot more about the technology and probably saved me a lot of money which could have been badly spent if a different installer had persuaded me to go ahead!

  26. MrAB says:

    Thanks to Red Electrical who came out to assess whether I should install solar panels. I was advised it wouldn’t be very economical. Saved me £6,500 (that two other firms had quoted). Thank you for your honesty and integrity! Keep up the good work.

  27. Mrs M Scott says:

    We contacted Stuart for a quote to install solar PV after reading the excellent reviews on Which? Local. We weren’t disappointed! He thoroughly examined the property and made many valuable suggestions as to how we could maximise the benefits of solar panels. Three weeks later we were up and running having received an excellent and professional service at a very reasonable price. We can definitely recommend him.

  28. br10 says:

    We made the decision to have solar panels installed in September 2013. after sourcing 3 quotes we decided to go with Stuart Reid of Red electrical. From the outset I found Stuart to be informative and took time to explain everything in a language I could understand. Stuart went through all the paperwork and left me with all the information. The quote was similar to the other 2 quote we received but neither of the other people instilled the same confidence as Stuart. We did not regret the decision to go with Red electrical the work was carried out very efficiently and we were kept informed at every stage throughout the process. They even cleaned up after themselves to a standard that suited my wife, which is hard to achieve! I would not hesitate to recommend Red Electrical to anyone considering installing solar panels.

  29. John60 says:

    I had a 3.84kW solar panel array supplied and fitted in September 2013 by Stuart Reid of RED Electrical. I chose Stuart after a long line of disappointing installers offered their quotes. Stuart was very thorough and accurate. He used software to calculate expected generation taking into account exact roof orientation, correction factors for local geography and any possible shading from trees. He also calculated according to the legally specified MCS method which is required but less accurate.
    He discussed the merits of different types of panels and invertors available and gave reasons for his choice. He explained all the payment tariffs and gave projections for financial yield over 20 years. He said that if I wished to proceed he would arrange the required roof structure survey and Energy Performance Certificate. He said that he would email a full quotation which (arrived the same day) and would not contact me again, but would be happy to answer any further queries. The scaffolder arrived as expected, and very quickly got on with the tricky job of constructing a bridge scaffold over our conservatory while Stuart and his colleague got on with the electrical installation. Timing was impressive with the scaffolders completing just time for Stuart and co. to start work on the roof. Very tidy job and no mess left behind. Excellent communication throughout. He produced all the required paperwork and explained how to complete it in detail.

  30. MrsP says:

    Fantastic service from start to finish. Arrived to do the quote within 15mins of initial phone call! When work started Stuart arrived at 9am and was finished by 10am the next day. Very tidy, no mess left at all. Explained everything thoroughly, can’t recommend them enough!

  31. Brian Wood says:

    Found the website when trying to get quotes for solar panel installation. The first thing that impressed me was that the online quotation system worked rather than telling me I needed to ring for a quote. The second thing that impressed me was that the quote was over a thousand pounds less than any other quote I had had. Stuart (the owner) called to discuss requirements and explained everything including the fact that the differences in some of the cheaper panels were cosmetic only. I also found that the panels could be split between both sides of the roof (better as it lies roughly East/West) rather than having to go on one side as I had previously been told. Great job done. All form filling done and a full information pack afterwards. I cannot speak highly enough of this company.

  32. Suffjester says:

    Panels fitted last year by Stuart. I’d repeat all the previous comments: knowledgeable, competent. Discussed my requirements and explained everything clearly and made me feel confident in my decision.

  33. Darwen Tower says:

    Following a swift response to an enquiry the company carried out a thorough and detailed survey. The quotation was very competitive with no hidden extras. The work was carried out promptly by a team of two who arrived on time, worked carefully, ensuring the minimum of mess or disruption and any debris was cleared and taken away. A very neat and tidy job with all items carefully labelled. No problems with the system installed.

  34. Google User says:

    A1 FOR SOLAR PANELS! Red Electrical recently installed a Solar PV System to our house. Throughout the whole process, Stuart (the owner) has been extremely helpful with help and advice from planning and installation and even helping with filling out the forms to claim the Feed in Tariff. The installation was carried out with the utmost respect to our house and when finished you could not tell they had been (apart from the panels on the roof!). A few days later a very comprehensive pack arrived in the post covering all aspects of the installation, certificates, diagrams and the very competitive bill. We have no hesitation in recommending Stuart and the team at Red Electrical!

  35. D Waters says:

    All and more you would expect from a Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers ((REME) trained craftsman – Stuart was knowledgeable, competent, disciplined and above all highly professional. Everything was explained and carried out to the letter as detailed in the Which checklist. My wife was delighted – a clean and tidy job; well done!

  36. WhichLocalKGB says:

    Stuart Reid and his company Red Electrical fitted our solar panels in November 2011. We chose Red Electrical after an extensive decision making process which involved about 6 suppliers. The main reasons for our choice were Stuart’s knowledge of the job; the fact that we were talking to the guy who would actually do the job rather than a sales person; the comparative cost/performance of the system and the fact that if I had any questions or wanted any answers I could phone or email Stuart and expect an immediate response. He inspired confidence. The install date had to be brought forward and was actually installed whilst we were on holiday, involving communication with Stuart from Australia! The install was clean and tidy and (according to my son who had to manage the project in our absence) Stuart and his colleague were efficient, clean and helpful. The system (Hyundai panels and Frontius inverter) has now been up and working for almost 2 months so it is too soon to determine whether it is performing to target. The weather does seem to have been very cloudy lately! In conclusion I would have no hesitation in recommending Red Electrical and would gladly use my installation as a reference site.

  37. Josephine2 says:

    Red Electrical fitted our Solar Panel system and we cannot praise them highly enough. Stuart came and explained about the panels and how the system works. He spoke in a well-informed manner and answered the questions we had . We felt that he was honest and trustworthy. He left us with a quote, saying that he would not be ringing us to push for a sale which he didn’t!
    He and Steve finished the work in just over a day and a half in dreadful weather. They just got on with the job and, whilst being friendly and pleasant, did not hang around chatting. The personalised and very well presented booklet Stuart left us with contained all the information we would need including warranty details, MCS Certificate etc.
    The solar panels system is working very well and we are extremely pleased with the work that Red Electrical have done for us. They are honest and hard-working and we would definitely recommend them.

  38. Pedro, Preston says:

    Red Electrical are a small local company who offer a pleasant, honest and efficient service. The owner, Stuart Reid, explained solar technology clearly and simply. He was honest, knowledgeable and provided a competitive quote with no ‘pushy’ sales talk. They did the work on time and took only two days to install the panels. They provide an excellent after-sales service with a personalised information booklet. They have an excellent website to show the work they have done in the past. I can highly recommend this company. They have nothing to do with Manchester United which is even better!

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